The Walnut Beer Caddy

The Walnut Beer Caddy

We had a prototype of this sitting in the shop for weeks. After Kevin had the idea for one and played around with it, it just sat there, not looking quite right. The original was made out of scrap white oak with a rounded dowel top. While it certainly seemed functional and looked like it would do the job, it also looked like it was just salvaged from an aging farmhouse. Not the modern vibe we were looking for.

So he went back to work on it, this time using walnut plywood. This was a game-changer, as the exposed plywood (one of our favorite touches) shows off the clean, crisp lines of the varying wood inside. That, combined with the rich walnut color, gave it a more modern feel as opposed to a rustic one.

To top it all off, he added a handle made of smooth walnut, with a stainless steel bottle opener mounted on the side. It is so so so sturdy, yet compact and light enough to carry around for any fun-in-the-sun activities. It even fits in a bike basket (speaking from experience). Plus, it’s the ideal solution to bringing a variety of your favorite beers along, instead of one six pack of the same brew (also speaking from experience).

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