Baltic Birch Planter Boxes

Baltic Birch Planter Boxes

From a distance, they look like simple planter boxes. But when you get up close, these beauties show off big time.

When Home Depot was out of the traditional pine plywood we know and love, we went with a Baltic Birch. And we’re sooooo glad we did. The grain of this wood is robust and rich, and it’s prominent enough to even shine through a thin coat of walnut stain. Once all the cuts were made, we debated which ones should face front and center, but the consistency of the grain was so impressive across all the boards that any one would have done well.

We contemplated making the boxes the length of the windows themselves, but ultimately went with a few inches extra on either side for some added drama. The clean lines of the bottom and smooth beveled edges on top give it a modern, sleek appearance.

When it came to mounting them, we needed something strong and easy to undo. These things are made of pure hard wood, so they’re stout. Add a crap ton of dirt and plants, and they’re even heavier. Kevin had a flash of genius and decided to mount them using the French cleat system, where both sides latch at the point of two pieces of wood cut at 45 degrees. So now, there’s no need to unscrew them if we ever need to take them down to replant or resoil. You just pop them off, and voila.

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