Hardwood Grooming Stands

Hardwood Grooming Stands

The inspiration for these charming stands came about because of a haircut. Kevin hadn’t cut his hair in at least a year and a half. That’s a feat for any adult male, but it’s particularly extraordinary for him. He has a mane that rivals Carrot Top’s – deep auburn, aggressively curly, and thick. It grows out, not down. By the time he finally found the willpower to get it cut, birds could have been nesting in it and we wouldn’t have known…

So he got it cut on the Square in Georgetown at an awesome local barber shop called Mad Hatters, located on the second story of a delightfully old and historic building. It overlooks the courthouse and has the genuine, small-town-hipster vibe that so many places are trying to replicate. Bless the barber (Hi Caleb!) for shearing that mane of Kevin’s. The before and after photos are shocking.

But his new haircut lit a fire for self-grooming. One day he had me buying shmancy hair pomade that was “water-based, not oil-based!” The next day he subscribed to Dollar Shave Club and was smearing delectable-smelling lotion on his face. Our counter was suddenly a battle of wills: his new treasures versus my assortment of girly crap.

But the grooming stand brought peace to our bathroom countertop. He came up with a design that he brought to life in a rich walnut and bright white oak. The top has a resting space for smaller containers of hair pomade or face lotion, as well as two side nooks to hang razors and shaving brushes. The side has a stand for any taller accessories, like shaving cream. Best of all, there’s a small stand on the front that is like a footrest for your phone – perfect for holding it in place so you can listen to podcasts or jam out while getting yo’self all fancy in the morning.

So gents, do yourself and your woman a favor and let this be the solution to the cluttered bathroom countertop. She’ll thank you for it (trust me).

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