Hardwood Grooming Stands

The inspiration for these charming stands came about because of a haircut. Kevin hadn’t cut his hair in at least a year and a half. That’s a feat for any adult male, but it’s particularly extraordinary for him. He has a mane that rivals Carrot Top’s – deep auburn, aggressively curly, and thick. It grows out, not down. By the time he finally found the willpower to get it cut, birds could have been nesting in it and we wouldn’t Read More

Baltic Birch Planter Boxes

From a distance, they look like simple planter boxes. But when you get up close, these beauties show off big time. When Home Depot was out of the traditional pine plywood we know and love, we went with a Baltic Birch. And we’re sooooo glad we did. The grain of this wood is robust and rich, and it’s prominent enough to even shine through a thin coat of walnut stain. Once all the cuts were made, we debated which ones Read More

The Walnut Beer Caddy

We had a prototype of this sitting in the shop for weeks. After Kevin had the idea for one and played around with it, it just sat there, not looking quite right. The original was made out of scrap white oak with a rounded dowel top. While it certainly seemed functional and looked like it would do the job, it also looked like it was just salvaged from an aging farmhouse. Not the modern vibe we were looking for. So Read More

Mid mod bed featured image

The Mid-Mod Bed

This piece is hands down one of our favorites. When we moved into a 1960s ranch house a while back, we started to embrace the mid-mod vibe in our style choices more. We were ready to upgrade our bed, so Kevin built this thing of beauty. It’s a beast, handmade with all real wood. We’re pretty sure it’ll outlive the house – it’s that stout. We started with a simple-yet-monstrous piece of plywood with a beautiful grain for the main Read More

Custom Front Porch Swing

We had wanted a front porch swing for a long time. There’s a perfect nook on the porch that was just beckoning for a swing to lazily rock back and forth and watch the world slowly go by. After about a year and a half of daydreaming about it, Kevin knocked it out in one weekend. We wanted something that had a modern aesthetic but still had a hint of traditional comfort to it. So he gathered up reclaimed 60+ Read More